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Electric sliding system for the pool enclosure

MOOVER – life is motion!

We have listened to you, and we have looked at the existing solutions the market has to offer, all with a clear goal – to offer the best way to automatically set your pool enclosure in motion.

And because life is motion, we, too, want to keep moving. This is why, in cooperation with engineers from the automotive industry, we have developed MOOVER – a modern and technologically advanced electric sliding system that is a must for every owner of a pool with an enclosure.

MOOVER is quiet and smooth in operation; it is remotely controlled and solar-powered.

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Design and technology

Discover what makes MOOVER unique

MOOVER is easy to install on your own, and solar power helps you to recharge it during the season

Thanks to its unique design, MOOVER can be mounted on new and existing enclosures from ALBIXON and other dealers1

An unlimited number of these controls can be paired with one device at the same time, allowing the whole family to enjoy it without any arguments


Thanks to unique design, MOOVER can be installed with any type of pool enclosure1, either from ALBIXON or from other dealers.

Easy installation

You can manage to install MOOVER by yourself.3 The practical and environmentally friendly packaging will help you with installation.


The solar panels ensure carefree operation throughout the season2. In the event of there being little sunlight, MOOVER can simply be connected to the mains.

Stay in the loop

Detailed overview and safe operation are ensured by a digital LED panel that visually alerts you to the end of the track, informs you of the battery level and indicates the direction of movement of the enclosure.See how it works

Clever design

The elegant black-and-white combination matches all the shades of the enclosure. The minimalist look without distracting elements is complemented by an innovative and timeless design that will make MOOVER the highlight of your garden.

Enjoy the comfort

A remote control with a range of up to 15 metres takes care of your comfort. Up to ten of these controls can be paired with one device for the whole family to enjoy it.

3D model and technical specifications

We’ll tell you everything you need to know

Click on one of the white dots located on the 3D model to reveal what lies beneath.


27 kg

Weight of MOOVER (incl. battery):27 kg
Weight of package:30 kg


150 W

Motor power:150 W
Gearbox typ:auger

Transmitter range

15 m

Band:2.4 GHz
Maximum no. of paired transmitters:10


116 x 11 x 16 cm

Length:1157 mm
Width (without handles and connectors):80 mm
Width (with mounting handles):110 mm
Height (with retracted wheel):163 mm

Battery life

up to 3 months2

Continuous operation:1,5 h
Standby time:up to 800 h
With solar charging:up to three months

Package contents


Adapter + power cord
Remote control
Instructions for use
Fasteners for attachment to enclosure


Got a question? We have an answer...

What kind of enclosure can MOOVER be used on?

MOOVER can be used on enclosures that meet the following conditions: a 1063 mm arch span and a side plane without a negative impact angle. At the same time, one MOOVER can handle an enclosure of up to 750 kg

Can I install MOOVER by myself?

Yes, MOOVER is designed in such a way that you can install it by yourself.

In the Customer Support section, you will find a simple-to-follow installation guide, which is also supplied with each unit purchased. If you prefer professional installation or assistance, you can contact your nearest dealer. In the Czech Republic, installation can be arranged directly by ALBIXON.3

How long does MOOVER last without charging?

Under ideal conditions, it will last throughout the bathing season.

When exposed to sunlight, MOOVER can last up to three months without charging from the mains, thanks to the solar panel. The high-capacity battery alone can power it for 1.5 hours of continuous operation. It can last up to 800 hours in standby mode.

How long does MOOVER take to charge?

9.5 hours.

If the battery is fully discharged, it takes 9.5 hours to charge it fully from the mains. When charging from the mains, it is not recommended to leave the battery in the charger longer than necessary.

How much does MOOVER weigh?

27 kg.

MOOVER (including battery) weighs 27 kg. The total weight including packaging is 30 kg.

Does MOOVER come in other colours?

No, at the moment it is only available in one colour.

Thanks to its elegant minimalist design, it matches any enclosure.

Is it possible to ship MOOVER using standard delivery companies?


Usually, delivery via a delivery company should not be a problem. You can contact your nearest dealer for specific information on delivery options.

Customer support

Installation will be a breeze! You can do it by yourself

  1. The electric sliding system can be installed on all types of track enclosures without a negative impact angle and on enclosures with an arch span of 1063 mm. The product is not intended for wall- mounted or trackless enclosures.
  2. The average continuous operation time of the sliding system without charging is 1.5 hours. This corresponds to 100 full openings or closings of a medium-sized enclosure. When the sliding system is placed in a sunny location, the solar panel charges the battery with 7+ Wh and can keep MOOVER in operation for up to three months (180 openings or closings). The total battery life depends on the number and weight of the enclosure modules and the evenness of the surface and rails. The electric sliding system will last up to 800 hours in standby mode.
  3. In the Czech Republic, professional installation of the product can be arranged for a fee – if you are interested, please contact our customer support at Outside the Czech Republic, please contact your nearest dealer.
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